USA finally finding a win in Mexico?

USA mexicoIt’s not often you hear that an American sports team has never beaten an opponent.  In fact, the USA is usually on the other end of a lopsided recorded.  However, today marks the 24th time the United States national soccer team will travel to Mexico for a match.  In the 23 times previous the US has earned 1 tie, suffered 22 loses, and most astonishingly has 0 wins.  As if that stat isn’t staggering enough, think about the fact that in all the matches and years the US has played in Mexico they have totaled 1 goal.  No, that is not a misprint, Eddie Lewis’ goal  is the only time the ball has went in the Americans net in Azteca.  Even in a sport where Americans seem always to be a step behind everyone else, it seems like at least once in the last 25 years the US would have gotten lucky and stole one; but no.

This time, however, the US teams goes in with something lost the previous time, swag.  Coming off impressive showings against Spain and Brazil, compiled with the steady downturn of Mexican soccer, US soccer players are chomping at the bit to get back into Azteca stadium.  Even players aren’t hesitant to say this.  In an attempt to get United States soccer back on the map, players are motivated by this opportunity to show the world what they are made of.  A win today in Mexico could possibly make the US a significant threat in the upcoming world cup instead of just a blip on the radar.

One thing you can be sure of is that there will be no shortage of bad blood on the field today.  In a rivalry that has to challenge Ohio State – Michigan, Duke – North Carolina, and Lakers – Celtics, this game takes its own place on the map.mcbride While other rivalries take only a short trip down Tobacco road, the US is forced to travel to literally “foreign territory” for this game.  Don’t think these teams hate each other?  Ask Alexi Lalas how is groin feels after taking a knee from a Mexican player in 1997.  Or take a look at Brian Mcbrides scar below his left eye after receiving elbow after elbow during the 98 world cup.

Certainly though, this is the only true “rivalry” at which one team truly has home field advantage.  The 105,000 capacity Azteca stadium will see not a single US jersey in the crowd today.  And I highly doubt that even with a strong performance by the US today the Mexican fans will pull a Rocky vs Ivan Dragoand start cheering for the underdog.  Even if the US win today the record will still stand at a lowly 1-22-1, but US soccer can leave with respect which is way bigger then any goal could ever be.

My prediction a 3-1 win by US.


Final thoughts: For my response to the initial title to my post, in a word, No.  The US just cant do it.  In a hard fought game the US went down in the final minutes letting an unmarked man score from just inside the 6 yard box.  soccer_a_mexicots1_576Truthfully the US should have lost this game, however, again a lapse in defense causes a goal that should have never happened.

Probably the fastest man on the field, Landon Donovan, was nearly invisible the entire game.  The leader and captain of the team HAS to be more involved if the team has any hopes of making noise in the World Cup.  First things first, to watch the Mexican midfield blow by the US defense, including Donovan, numerous times is a clear cut reminder why very few US players play at the top level (meaning over seas and/or in the premier league).

Finally, as stated in my first post I thought the US, as well as being a better team, could ride the momentum of recent victories into Mexico and bring home a win.  Clearly momentum is nothing compared to the home field advantage that is the 105,000 people of Azteca stadium (including the referees of course).  This was none more evident then the last corner kick attempt for the US as Donovan is getting pelted by Coke bottles while trying to take the kick.  Moving forward, the US is still in good position to qualify for the World Cup and do some damage as well. Take what you can from this game, move on, and come out strong on Saturday.

Also, nice call on the 2 – 1 score Danimal.


Thanks for all the comments guys!  Whether you agree with me or not it’s great to see there are fans out there.  Keep up to date on my page to post new comments or read new blogs for the day.


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20 Responses to USA finally finding a win in Mexico?

  1. Danimal says:

    gotta go 2-1 to the Mexicans here, just think they do so well in the Azteca for a reason (or two)

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  3. Calvin says:

    A this time: Usa 1- Mex 0 🙂
    Minute 9.

    • sportsdreamer15 says:

      Halftime and the score is tied 1-1. Interesting thoughts on the first half. The US, despite coming out strong, has only had 1 shot on goal consiquently giving the US the lead. After that, however, it seemed as though the US was satisfied with going into halftime with that goal lead. Whether the altitude, the atmosphere, or whatever the US really seemed to lose their legs throughout the half. I will admit it was a great shot by Mexicos Isreal Castro, but I think that it never should have happened. The back line of the US is not commuicting on both marking and keeping the off-sides trap in tact. Not to mention 3 out of the 4 defenders are also carrying yellow cards it makes me wonder if they will be more hesitant into tackles in the 2nd half? More to come.

  4. Kern vore says:

    It would be a miracle if the U.S. won. They could win if they could advance in a defensive circle, united, with the single minded goal of of getting that ball into the net at close range. Good luck boys!

  5. threewinds says:

    Azteca is a big home advantage, especially against the hated US. These teams simply hate each other, and the Mexico side plays very hard, nearing dirty. The rare time when an announcer might say, “Like a streetfight” and be telling the truth.

    I only caught the second half back from work, but it sure seems like the referees are VERY aware of the home crowd.

    USA 1 – Mexico 2 with 5 minutes + Injury Time left.

    • Daiko says:

      Thats true, always the CONCACAF referees have preference for the local team. It doesn’t matter if is Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, or San Vicente, always the local have great advantage with the referees in this zone.

  6. bobbygee says:

    Mexico has been applying the pressure all match long 2-1. USA is playing like crap. I don’t get it. They are letting Mexico attack and attack. Chalk up another loss. This is stupidsville.

  7. Daiko says:

    Keep Dreaming, my friend… 😉
    Mexico 2 USA 1
    Nice game, but Mexico in Azteca Stadium is invencible…
    Regards from Mexico…

  8. Walther says:

    Better luck next time US 🙂

  9. XoKo! says:

    Well, i think team US never had initiative to attack, although the only obvious chance US had, they made it goal, Mexico had the possession, initiative, courage and technique to take advantage and take a much needed result.

    I hope both teams get their ticket to South Africa.

    Greetings from México!!

  10. urielruizc says:

    MEX 2-1 EU.

    hoy se la volvieron a pelar.

  11. Juan E. Lagunas says:

    Well, i have to admit that i tough u were able to win, but in the end we did it, here is my post from the game, i hope u can translate with google, so u can read my view from the great match. Greetings from Mexico!!!

  12. jososblog says:

    Come on man…are you telling me that Mexico onyl won thanks to field advantadge and referees help??!?!?! I think you are forgetting who won the las gold cup in New York USA!!!! Yes! Mexico! and also it was not by 1 or 2 goals but was a 5-0 match in whick mexican team was just superior and you can tell that that one was not USA best team mexico didnt calll it’s best players…as simple that any player playing at europe was called for that game, only young men and local players.
    I really think that USA soccer is getting better but USA did not deserve to won the match played today in Azteca Stadium and it didn’t mexican team was better in almost all lines, USA midfield never appeared so…I’m sorry I think today USA played awful and Mexico great. Final score 2-1. 1-23-0. Azteca stays unvulnerable

    • sportsdreamer15 says:

      I agree USA did not deserve to win today. However, the fact that there were only 3 players on the team today that were also on the Goldcup team has to say something. I’m not saying it is the only reason but obviously the home field advantage helped. As far as the referees go, I did not do a great job with my tone last post. I don’t think they did a great job today but obviously they did not lose the game for the US. I don’t think that calls can really ever decide a game, all I ever want to see is someone be consistent which I don’t think he was. The thing is that with the Americans really playing like crap and not controlling the ball nearly the entire game they still nearly hung on to a tie. The mark of a good team, and how we will truly know when US soccer is peaking is the ability to close out big games. We saw it all fall apart against Brazil a month ago, and we saw it happen again today.

      • Daiko says:

        Just like Mexico.
        Javier Aguirre has promoted young players for the major Mexico team.
        Now we are in a change of generation in our lines, and after two catastrophic DT’s before Javier now we are taking our real level.
        It’s very simple, today and in the gold cup final we played better in the second time.
        Next time i’m not sure.
        Regards from Mexico.

  13. himynameisroman says:

    I don’t think the US played at its best but Mexico for sure gave a nice match… They are getting better with every game they play and their times is mostly filled up with players at the early twentys

  14. San-Draw says:


  15. rjjrdq says:

    The problem is that there isn’t enough interest in soccer in the U.S. If there was, better athletes would be playing, and…the rest would be history. The U.S. is already saturated with so many major sports there’s just no room for soccer to squeeze in. Baseball, basketball, football, even hockey, and all the seasons overlap. Where can a kid squeeze in soccer? A kid with real potential is going for the money. That’s the reality.

    • sportsdreamer15 says:

      Great comment rjjrdq and I really agree. That is sort of what I was talking about when I mentioned the US having swag. I feel like, coming into today of course, the US finally felt like they could beat anyone. In fact, for the first 15 minutes of the game I felt like that as well. However, after Mexico’s first goal I felt like the US were back to playing scared and never ever gained any of the momentum they had coming into the game.

      When you think about US soccer teams from the past, and those that were successful, you see exactly what this team is missing. Yes, during the 98′ and 02′ World Cups soccer was not very popular in the US, but players like Kobi Jones, Frankie Hejduk, Alexi Lalas, and Brian McBride, who’s single popularity was more then US soccer or the MLS has ever seen.

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