Vick’s new favorite animal….Eagles

Breaking news out of the NFL, Michael Vick has signed a 2 year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.  The deal71465466RM003_Dallas_Cowboy, reportedly worth $1.6 million, will get the suspended quarterback back into the league. The second year option is reportedly worth up to $5.2 million.  As many people criticized Vick for waiting for a lucrative offer from the NFL, Vick received almost double (not to mention a second year) then his offer from the UFL.  At this time not many details are available but as more come I will be sure to update this post.

How do I feel?  Even though I feel like this came out of left field I think that this is actually a good fit.  The Eagles have a solid fan base and a team with a veteran core.  Andy Reid is a good no nonsense coach who will take the troubled QB under his wing and rightfully give him the chance he deserves.  Also, Donovan McNabb will be a great mentor to Vick as he reconnects with the game. Remember, McNabb is no stranger to injury himself and when the time comes Vick could play a vital role in the offense.

Furthermore, as far as the offense, imagine the Wing-T formation with Vick under center, Westbrook to his right, and Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at the widouts.  That’s some serious speed.  nfl_u_vick15_288Whether or not this works out I am personally glad to see the quarterback back in the league.  I hope with all my heart that he can put his troubled past behind him and succeed once again in the NFL.

This morning the eagles introduced Vick as an eagle.  Here is a clip courtesy of ESPN.  My thoughts from the press conference is that Vick either in sincerely remorseful, or hired a great writer.  He seemed very well spoken and said all the right things.  The biggest thing I take away from it is the fact he is now ready to focus on football.  What happened, happened, now let’s move on and see what kind of football player Vick is.


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