He’s back, Brett Favre to sign with Vikings

I won’t even say breaking news because I am sure we all knew in the back of our minds that Brett Favre would be Favrecoming out of retirement, again.  Today, pending a physical, Bret will reportedly sign a one year contract with the Vikes for between $10 and $12 million.

I am between a rock and a hard place on this one.  Brett was one of my hero’s growing up and I will always only remember him as a Packer.  However, as time goes on and he continues to change teams and keep us fans guessing my mind seems to wander.  Like many of you I am asking Brett; What are you doing?

As someone who has played sports my entire life I can sort of understand the fact that it is hard to walk away.  But the easy solution to that is don’t! If Brett were to come out each year and say “Well I think I got one more in me,” instead of having tearful press conference after tearful press conference, us fans would be more inviting for him to come back.  Now, I feel like we are more tired of this saga than interested in it.

One thing I cannot fault Favre for though is his passion for the game.  Yes, maybe favre joyBrett doesn’t go to camp, or have the greatest relationship with his new players, but when you see him on the field the joy on his face is like a father throwing the football with his kids on Thanksgiving.  The fact is that Bret can’t sit on the couch every Sunday and watch teams play when he knows that he could and possibly should be out there.   While I understand that I must ask Brett if there is a time when that feeling will ever go away?

During his decision process there has to be sometime when Bret thinks how badly this could turn out, right?  I mean, known as the iron man of football, he has to know that it would be better to leave the game as a starter for a team that didn’t make the playoffs, instead of having his arm in a sling.  Every season the almost 40 year-old has some minor ache and pain that seems to get work.  Every Sunday he always manages to get out there, and I will hate to see that come to an end in the second game of the season when something really bad happens (knock on wood of course).

But how can we be mad at Brett when he basically got what he wanted.   He got a big contract to the team of his choice without going to training camp.  Ask any player around the league and if that scenario was available to them each year they would take it in a heartbeat.

Now to the second piece of the puzzle, the Minnesota Vikings.

Can I fault them?  I don’t think that they have went through this process extremely well, but the finished project might look pretty darn good.  First and foremost everyone keeps saying that Favre has made their team better.

Newsflash, Michael Vick would have made your team better and he didn’t cost 10 or 12 million.

But, putting a veteran quarterback with a cannon for an arm next to the best running back in the league isn’t a terrible idea.  If things start to go south for Favre I’m sure the Vikings will tell him the same thing they told their quarterbacks Favre Interview Footballthe last 2 seasons; give the ball to AP and get out of the way.  As much as some fans hate this decision, defensive coordinators around the league are now tearing up their game plans and starting from scratch.

Second, what did this do to your locker room?  Name me a past champion from the past, I don’t know, forever, that didn’t have a solid locker room.  Steelers; solid, Pats; solid, Giant; solid (without Plax), Colts; solid.

Yesterday “unnamed” Viking players said that Favre was a done deal and always had been.  I wonder if Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfelds new that going out to compete at practice everyday?

Lastly, if you look a this signing from the business perspective it makes a lot of sense.  I know as fans all we see is players’ contracts when talking about money, but let’s look at the Vikes.  Out of 32 NFL teams the Vikings were dead last as far as team revenue last season.  YES, that means the 0-16 Detroit Lions made more money as a franchise than the Vikings.  Even if the team goes 8-8 this year every game will be sold out, every local and national television station will want to broadcast the game, and more #4 jerseys will be sold this week then anyone on the Vikings combined.  Low and behold if the Vikings don’t win games with Favre, they will make money, and in this economy you can’t fault them for that.

But while Favre is old and may be annoying us to no end with his mind games, he does know how to play football.  As much as we all are so tired of this story, it is no secret that we will all be on the edge of our seats to see how the veteran performs this Friday.


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