Vick’s new favorite animal….Eagles

Breaking news out of the NFL, Michael Vick has signed a 2 year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.  The deal71465466RM003_Dallas_Cowboy, reportedly worth $1.6 million, will get the suspended quarterback back into the league. The second year option is reportedly worth up to $5.2 million.  As many people criticized Vick for waiting for a lucrative offer from the NFL, Vick received almost double (not to mention a second year) then his offer from the UFL.  At this time not many details are available but as more come I will be sure to update this post.

How do I feel?  Even though I feel like this came out of left field I think that this is actually a good fit.  The Eagles have a solid fan base and a team with a veteran core.  Andy Reid is a good no nonsense coach who will take the troubled QB under his wing and rightfully give him the chance he deserves.  Also, Donovan McNabb will be a great mentor to Vick as he reconnects with the game. Remember, McNabb is no stranger to injury himself and when the time comes Vick could play a vital role in the offense.

Furthermore, as far as the offense, imagine the Wing-T formation with Vick under center, Westbrook to his right, and Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at the widouts.  That’s some serious speed.  nfl_u_vick15_288Whether or not this works out I am personally glad to see the quarterback back in the league.  I hope with all my heart that he can put his troubled past behind him and succeed once again in the NFL.

This morning the eagles introduced Vick as an eagle.  Here is a clip courtesy of ESPN.  My thoughts from the press conference is that Vick either in sincerely remorseful, or hired a great writer.  He seemed very well spoken and said all the right things.  The biggest thing I take away from it is the fact he is now ready to focus on football.  What happened, happened, now let’s move on and see what kind of football player Vick is.


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Tiger Prowling, Phil’s round live at PGA

This years final major started today with the 91st  PGA Championship from Hazeltine.  Coming off two straight victories, Tiger Woods looks to gain this years first major win.  tigerIn a change from years past Woods did not take the week before the major off.  As of right now it looks like that was a good decision.  In what looks like the Tiger of 2002, woods has yet to bogey a single hole and is flag hunting like it’s the final group on Sunday.

Currently Woods is in the lead at 5 under par.  At a course that is the 4thlongest in major history length was suppose to be a major fator.  What is Woods’ answer to that; his 5th birdie of the day came after his approach into the 7thhole par 5 with only a 6 iron.  Woods is on to the 8th hole, his 17thof the day, with a 1 shot lead over Padraig Harrington,  and Hunter Mahan.

Woods just missed about a 12 foot birdie putt at the 8th.  He seemed a little cautious with that putt but an easy tap in par never hurts.  Woods is headed to his final hole of the day with a one shot lead.

Woods’ tee shot on the 9th right down the middle.  Woods, for the most part, has left the driver in the bag today using mostly his 3 and 5 woods off the tee.  The 9th hole tee shot, much of the same, was Woods’ 5 wood.

Tigers approach on the 9th was the perfect distance pin high and about 15 feet left of the hole.  After hitting his 12th out of 14 fairway of the day Woods was only left with a 9 iron into the green.

With a tough side hill putt, Tiger misses his birdie attempt on the high side of the hole.  However, Woods is left with just a tap in par for a first round 67 and a 1 shot lead at the moment.

Phil Mickelsons roundwill begin within the hour with live hole updates from me throughout his entire round. 

Mickelsons Round:

1st hole:  Phil’s tee shot on the first hole just rolls into the first cut of rough.  Phil used his driver on the first tee and played a big cut shot to this point.  His approach shot just a three-quarter swing that landed on the left side of green.  With a ride side pin position Phil is faced with a long birdie putt.  Phil’s birdie putt went a little long and right of the hole but he was able to tap in the comebacker for par. 

2nd hole:  Phil uses his driver again and blasts his tee shot down the middle of the fairway.  Phils aggressiveness off the tee looks to have paid off as his approach spins back to about 5 feet from hole.  Phil pushes birdie putt to the right and burns the edge.  Tap in for par.

3rd hole:  Coming to his first par 5, unreachable even for Phil, Mickelson uses a fairway wood off the tee and his drive falls safely in the fairway. After a lay-up shot, Phils approach was over hooked and ended up in the right rough just past the hole.  Phil has some work left to get up and down for a par.  In what seemed like a good lie, Phil scuffs his chip and is left with about an 8 to 10 footer for par.  Phil makes his par putt and is on the 4th hole still at EVEN par.

4th hole:  Phils tee shot on the par 3 fourth hole made it to the upper level coming to rest on the back right side of the green.  He will be faced with about a 25 foot putt for birdie.  Phil hits a good lag putt that come sup just short of  hole.  Finishes the hole with an easy tap in par.

5th hole:  Phils tee shot perfect down the left center of fairway.  His approach was right on line but came up about 15 feet short of hole.  Should have an uphill putt for birdie coming up.  A big right to left swinger, Phil misses his birdie attempt.  An easy tap in Phil misses par putt.  This leaves Phil at 1 over par going into the 6th.

6th hole:  Phil pulls back on his tee shot and hits a short drive down the right side.  His approach is good but not in ideal birdie rang.  After a good lag putt Phil makes a short 6 footer for par.

7th hole:  For the first time today Phil looks comfortable with his swing as he bombs his drive down the fairway.  His second shot hits the middle of the green giving Phil a long shot at eagle.  Phils eagle putt barely slides by but he has an easy tap in birdie to get back to EVEN par.

8th hole:  Phils tee shot on the par 3 is a good one.  About 10 feet from the hole Phil will have a left to right breaker for his birdie.  After a really wuick stroke Phil misses his birdie putt on the low side and taps it in for par.

9th hole:  Phil hooked his drive into the left rough.  Better than first thought, Phil had somewhat of an open shot on his approach which he pushed into the right greenside bunker.  His bunker shot stops about 10 feet past hole.  Philspar putt roles past hole.  With the tap in bogey Phil ends his fist 9 at 1 over par six shots back of Woods.

10th hole:  Seemingly having control problems off the tee today as yet another has went wayward for Phil.  His tee shot on this hole was hooked well right into the gallery.  Probably expecting his lie to be a flyer, Phil’s approach comes up about 15 yards short of the green in the left rough.  Phils troubles continue as his chip attempt comes up short and goes into greenside bunker.  His 4th shot of the hole stops just past hole.  Phil’s short comebacker goes begging as Mickelsontaps in for a double bogey.  Not a good way to start his second 9.

11th hole:  Holding nothing back, Phil kills his tee shot down the left side of the fairway.  After yet another approach shot hooked to the left, Phil hit one of hits famous flop shots that put him in a position to make a birdie.  Phil is able to get a shot back with a solid putt.

12th hole:  Phils tee shot again wayward as it flys to the right.  Missing the bunkers on the right his ball has come to rest in the deep rough in between them.  Phil hits a great hooking shot out of the rough that comes up just short of the green.  Phils chip is a good one and he should escape with a par. 

13th hole:  Phils tee shot on the par 3 was safely to the right side of the green.  His lag put went about 3 feet just to the right of the hole which he tapped in for par.

14th hole:  Phil hooks his tee shot into the right side fairway bunker.  His bunker shot safely onto middle of green.  Another boring hole for Mickelson as he two putts for a par. 

15th hole:  Coming to the par 5 15th Mickelson bombs a drive right down the center of the fairway.  Phils second shot from fairway goes way left into the crowd near the green.  Phil hits a great chip shot that goes 15 feet past hole.  Phil blows his birdie putt past the hole and makes 4 footer coming back for par.

16th hole:  Phil, with water looming on the right, tees off with an iron to the middle of the fairway.  Phil gives himself a chance with a birdie with his approach that lands 10ft short of pin.  Phil misses yet another birdie putt and taps it in for par.

17th hole:  Tee shot to the center of the green.  Another two putt par for Mickelson.

18th hole:  His last tee shot of the day looked a lot like the others as Phil badly hooked it into the right trees.  His second shot, though, sailed through the trees and onto the front edge of the green giving Phil a chance to birdie his final hole of the day.  Phils birdie putt misses to the right and he taps it in for a par.  Phil wont be happy with a first round score of 74, a full 7 shots back of the leader Woods.  


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Suspended WR gets what he’s “Worth”

Today NFL Commissioner released a statement saying that Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth would be suspended without pay for the entire 2009 season.  This suspension comes after Stallworth pleaded guilty to DUI donte-stallworthmanslaughter in the February death of Mario Reyes.  In a much awaited decision by the commish, I must say that I am not surprised and frankly fairly pleased at the decision.  Goodell was quoted as saying; “I believe that further consequences are necessary.” 

In what players are now calling the “No Fun League” I don’t think that many people will have  problem with this suspension.  Though I believe there are many flaws in our nations legal system, the Stallworth case brought the biggest one to our eyes.  Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it sure can keep you out of jail.  Even though kept private, my sources have told me that the monetary compensation to Reyes’ family was somewhere in the 10 to 15 million dollar range.  No, I do not have that kind of money, but even if I did I have to think I would go to jail longer than 24 days for killing a man. 

Let not forget that in addition to killing Mr. Reyes, Stallworth was also well over the legal limit for alcohol and Marijuana was found in his system.  Not that I would know, but having marijuana in his system does not mean he was high at the time of the accident.  Marijuana can stay in your system for up to a month depending on metabolism and frequency of ingesting the drug.  Something that probably did not play into the sentencing process of the Judge, but most certainly played a part in Goodell’s decision to suspend the wide receiver. 

donte-stallworth-in-courtOne thing I have heard a lot of NFL and ESPN reporters talk about is the consistent back hand of Roger Goodell.  This is something I really don’t agree with at all.  Sure, if you want to talk about Goodell suspending players when they have legal troubles then fine; but don’t tell me that the suspensions have all held the same weight.  This may cause some tension but throwing out names like Adam Jones, Tank Johnson, Matt Jones, and Michael Vick show the inconsistent right hand of the commish.  In the names I just listed you have charges like attempted murder, drug trafficking, gun possession, and dog fighting.  None nearly as bad as murder, and while some have only lived as accusations not actual charges the suspensions of these players have more then tripled that of Stallworths.

Roger Goodell has always said he would let the legal process play itself out before making any decision on suspension. To me though, Goodell has always made a decision about suspending players before their trials.  Perfect example; say that donte-stallworth1Michael Vick was able to pay the dogs’ family (I know I know but just hypothetically saying) a good amount of money and only recieved 24 days in jail.  Do you think that after that jail time Goodell would have suspended the quarterback for 2 years and 6 games without pay? I don’t think so. 

I do not agree with a lot of Goodell’s suspensions, but I think that Stallworth’s is right on.  As much as I can complain about it the legal system is what it is.  All I know is that the struggling father of 2 that made one bad decision and now isdonte_stallworth2 sitting in a cell for 5 to 10 on the same charges as Stallworth, really got the raw end of the deal.  Finally, as much as we see athletes deny and blame and go on the offensive when something like this happens, Stallworth stood up from day 1 and took full responsibility for his actions.  I hope that he takes this year off to reflect on his life, make better decisions, and comes back to the NFL the same athlete but a better man.


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USA finally finding a win in Mexico?

USA mexicoIt’s not often you hear that an American sports team has never beaten an opponent.  In fact, the USA is usually on the other end of a lopsided recorded.  However, today marks the 24th time the United States national soccer team will travel to Mexico for a match.  In the 23 times previous the US has earned 1 tie, suffered 22 loses, and most astonishingly has 0 wins.  As if that stat isn’t staggering enough, think about the fact that in all the matches and years the US has played in Mexico they have totaled 1 goal.  No, that is not a misprint, Eddie Lewis’ goal  is the only time the ball has went in the Americans net in Azteca.  Even in a sport where Americans seem always to be a step behind everyone else, it seems like at least once in the last 25 years the US would have gotten lucky and stole one; but no.

This time, however, the US teams goes in with something lost the previous time, swag.  Coming off impressive showings against Spain and Brazil, compiled with the steady downturn of Mexican soccer, US soccer players are chomping at the bit to get back into Azteca stadium.  Even players aren’t hesitant to say this.  In an attempt to get United States soccer back on the map, players are motivated by this opportunity to show the world what they are made of.  A win today in Mexico could possibly make the US a significant threat in the upcoming world cup instead of just a blip on the radar.

One thing you can be sure of is that there will be no shortage of bad blood on the field today.  In a rivalry that has to challenge Ohio State – Michigan, Duke – North Carolina, and Lakers – Celtics, this game takes its own place on the map.mcbride While other rivalries take only a short trip down Tobacco road, the US is forced to travel to literally “foreign territory” for this game.  Don’t think these teams hate each other?  Ask Alexi Lalas how is groin feels after taking a knee from a Mexican player in 1997.  Or take a look at Brian Mcbrides scar below his left eye after receiving elbow after elbow during the 98 world cup.

Certainly though, this is the only true “rivalry” at which one team truly has home field advantage.  The 105,000 capacity Azteca stadium will see not a single US jersey in the crowd today.  And I highly doubt that even with a strong performance by the US today the Mexican fans will pull a Rocky vs Ivan Dragoand start cheering for the underdog.  Even if the US win today the record will still stand at a lowly 1-22-1, but US soccer can leave with respect which is way bigger then any goal could ever be.

My prediction a 3-1 win by US.


Final thoughts: For my response to the initial title to my post, in a word, No.  The US just cant do it.  In a hard fought game the US went down in the final minutes letting an unmarked man score from just inside the 6 yard box.  soccer_a_mexicots1_576Truthfully the US should have lost this game, however, again a lapse in defense causes a goal that should have never happened.

Probably the fastest man on the field, Landon Donovan, was nearly invisible the entire game.  The leader and captain of the team HAS to be more involved if the team has any hopes of making noise in the World Cup.  First things first, to watch the Mexican midfield blow by the US defense, including Donovan, numerous times is a clear cut reminder why very few US players play at the top level (meaning over seas and/or in the premier league).

Finally, as stated in my first post I thought the US, as well as being a better team, could ride the momentum of recent victories into Mexico and bring home a win.  Clearly momentum is nothing compared to the home field advantage that is the 105,000 people of Azteca stadium (including the referees of course).  This was none more evident then the last corner kick attempt for the US as Donovan is getting pelted by Coke bottles while trying to take the kick.  Moving forward, the US is still in good position to qualify for the World Cup and do some damage as well. Take what you can from this game, move on, and come out strong on Saturday.

Also, nice call on the 2 – 1 score Danimal.


Thanks for all the comments guys!  Whether you agree with me or not it’s great to see there are fans out there.  Keep up to date on my page to post new comments or read new blogs for the day.


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Hall of Fame game filled with more storylines than touchdowns

A smooth chill went down the back of every football fans spine last night as the 2009 preseason kicked off with a bang.  HOF gameThe first NFL action in 7 months came with the yearly Hall of Fame game was played in Canton, Ohio as this years inductees were applauded, late round draft picks played with high hopes of making the team, and your favorite players played no more then a couple series.’  Turning on the television last night one might have thought they were watching an old AFL game with referees who looked more like construction workers.  Nonetheless the football feeling was back in the atmosphere as fans everywhere went to their garage later that night and pulled out the dusty fantasy football chart for one more year.

This years Hall of Fame game, however, was more about the story lines then it was about the gTOame.   It what seems like decades since the Buffalo Bills had a prime time nationally televised game, the T.O. experiment seems to be already working. Even after a loss Owens was happy with his and his teammates appointment instead of blaming the preseason lose on the rest of the Locker room.  No, 2 catches for 37 yards is not a sign that a pro-bowl year is to come, but the fact that TO has made it through a couple weeks of camp without biking on the sideline or doing sit-ups in his driveway has to say something.

Last night was also the first time we have seen Vince Young this season.  I’m sure that everyone, myself included, was so excited to see the changes the quarterback made this summer after making such strong comments about his induction to the Hall of Fame.  Early in the second quarter the self proclaimed future Hall of Famer threw a perfect pass to Leodis Mckelvin, of the Buffalo Bills.  Making somewhat amends later, Young did throw a nice touch pass to the back of the end zone for a touchdown.  However, Vince, keep the Hall of Fame comments to yourself and keep your headset on as that will be all you do this year as Kerry Collins’ backup.

The final story, and easily the saddest if the night, came with the number decal located on the back of the Titan helmets.  VinceThis was just another reminder of the tragic death of former Titan quarterback Steve McNair.  Even with a such special event like the HOF game and the kickoff to the 2009 season, it was a sure reminder that there are far more important things in life then the game.  Even in a preseason game the Titans looked as if the were motivated by a higher spirit.  Steve was surely missed last night and the next time we shall think of him in Canton will surely be when he is inducted into the HOF himself.


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Hello world!

Welcome to the brand new best sports blog on the internet.  This blog will consist of sports 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Whether you are a sports fan, a fanatic, or someone maybe just into learning about sports I have something for you.  Any and all are invited to read, comment, follow, ask questions, agree or disagree about whatever is said.  I will be on this blog everyday with my own opions and ideas about the sporting world.  I welcome all questions and comments or suggestions on sports games or stories you would like me to cover.  Finally, thank you for being apart of my blog and becoming a “sports dreamer” yourself.



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